About Audience

Fundraising is changing. Donor motivations are changing. Communication channels are changing. Legislation is changing. Off the shelf fundraising solutions are no longer an option. As fundraisers, we can’t just focus on channels, we need to look at fundraising and communications in the round. We need to build relationships, we need to take risks, we need to try new things. More than we ever have before.

Fundraising has evolved, and so have we.

We have created a new type of agency, one that is fit for this new fundraising landscape. One that doesn’t have the traditional agency hierarchy and structure. One that doesn’t just focus on channels. One that focusses on multi-channel engagement, and connecting people to charities with shared values.

We are Audience. We are different. We have core staff with decades worth of fundraising and communications experience across all disciplines. What’s special about us is that we at connected. We have networks of talented people that we can pull in to work with us. Whatever the brief, whatever the challenge, we can build the right team, with the right skillset to get the best results. That’s a promise.

We’re brave. We’re agile. We’re media neutral. We like to join things up. We like to solve problems. We like to build movements. We like to tell stories. We like to take risks. We like to smash targets.