COVID-19. A simple 10-step plan, because humans are amazing.

Hello awesome humans.

Just a quickie, we know how busy you are.

We have been speaking to over one hundred charities, who are worried and confused as events have unfolded over the last few weeks. We have lots of advice, help and support to offer, but one of the most useful things we thought we could do is provide a really simple road map to keep things on track. Sent with love and humanity from Audience.

  1. Keep talking. Now more than ever speak to colleagues, other organisations and external agencies. We all have a role to play. Communication and shared humanity are the most important things we have at the moment. The money will come later.
  2. Bed in. With new remote working set up, make sure your kit works. Right from the off try to establish a routine, a new routine that balances work and life. This situation will continue for a while. This may be the new normal. Get used to remote working. Make it work for you, your life and your family.
  3. Reforecast. Have a really clear understanding of the financials in the current climate. What is the impact of dropping Retail, Community, Events etc? Have clarity on numbers . Worst case scenarios are helpful if looked at with a clear head. The known is easier to deal with than the unknown.
  4. Redeploy. Staff, assets, volunteers. Think laterally. People have skills you never knew they had. They are also loyal and committed. Focus on the key issues of short term versus medium and long term which are…
  5. Short term. Really push Email, and Social. Be relevant. Focus on the effects of the virus to your beneficiaries, your org, your future. Be clear, timely and above all quick. There is a knack to this. Shout if you need help.
  6. Medium term. Warm mail. Inserts. Press. Telephone. Also use redeployed capacity and manpower to think of foundational work. Propositions. Insight. Research. Think about structure of teams, new working methods, feedback loops, content gathering and sign offs
  7. Longer term. Organisational transformation. Culture of Innovation. Product Development. Cross organisational working. Cross sector working. What is the role of Retail and Community in light of what’s happened? Remember that things will never be the same again. This is time to embrace change. Don’t hibernate, innovate.
  8. Trust and support each other. This is new to everyone, from volunteers to CEO’s. Connect and stay connected in a deeper way. take care of each other. Sod hierarchy, focus on humanity. When this is all over, think of how much more robust your team will be
  9. Remember that philanthropy will bounce back. Humans are amazing. We are going through a very tough time, together. Just look at the empathy, community spirit and love being shown by people around the country right now. Focus on that when you feel low. There are immediate opportunities to raise money, but there will be an enormous groundswell of support in the near future. Be ready for it.
  10. Please refer back to point 1. Call/Zoom someone today that you have been meaning to but for some reason haven’t.  Do that again tomorrow.

Love to each and every one of you.

Wayne Murray

Strategy Director


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